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Security systems may be comprised of a simple door-hatch sensor or an audible siren alarm, or more sophisticated systems can call you on a cell phone or send you a text message when an onboard issue arises. Still others provide you with complete remote monitoring status of your boat.

The online quotient can’t be overlooked. With your computer, iPad or tablet, it’s possible to respond to an alarm notification by checking, verifying status and even acting upon any sensor on board. You can even turn selected sensors on and off.

For example, if you receive an activation alarm detecting movements inside your boat or an advisement that water is being taken on or smoke or fire is sensed you can notify the harbor patrol, fire department, dock master, a commercial boat service or a designated friend or family member to take appropriate action within minutes.

On the other hand, if the alarm reports a loss of shore power, you know to call the marina or to stop by the boat after work to see what’s up.



Use the Power of the Web

Want to take a look in and around your boat at any time of the day to see if all is normal or to check up on junior to be sure he’s not throwing an impromptu party when he’s supposed to be at the library? This can be done with cameras and internet access.

In the event that someone steals your boat, being advised of the theft may not be all that helpful. A fast-moving thief could be halfway to the next county by the time you alert authorities.

Not to worry. Many boat-alarm system manufacturers offer a covert GPS-tracking option that will have you viewing a bread-crumb route to exactly where the boat is at all times. This can direct the police to meet the hijackers when they arrive at their destination.

This stealth like GPS-tracking feature also provides a good means for keeping an eye on the whereabouts of your boat when a delivery captain is relocating it to another area. Keep in mind that boat security systems can be customized and configured in almost any manner to meet your specific needs.