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The most common problems for REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS not working are:
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Low Incoming Water Pressure
Incoming water pressure must be above 40 PSI. Install a Booster Pump or Permeate Pump.
Feed Water Valve is Plugged or Closed
This can be either one of two things. Try to open the valve or it might be clogged and needs to be unclogged.
Sediment/Carbon Profiler or Carbon Post Filter is Clogged.
At this time we recommend to replace filters.
Holding Tank Valve is Closed
This is a common thing and it can be as simple as opening the holding tank valve. If this does not work please call us and we will be happy to come out and fix the problem.
No Water to Drain. Drain Flow Restrictor is Clogged
We recommend that you replace the Drain Flow Restrictor if you come across this problem.
Air Pressure in Holding Tank is Incorrect
Empty water from holding tank. Air pressure in valve stem should be between 7 - 8 PSI.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane is Fouled
Make sure incoming water pressure is within operating limits. Make sure drain line is not clogged. (See High TDS) Correct cause of fouling and replace RO Membrane.
Air Bladder in Holding Tank is Ruptured
At this time no repair will work correctly and it will be time to replace Holding Tank
No Water to Drain. Air Gap Faucet is Clogged.
This can be a number of things but in most cases you need to clear the drain or replace the air gap faucet.
The Automatic Shut-Off Valve is Malfunctioning
We recommend that you replace Automatic Shut-Off Valve if you come across this problem.

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